The Blue Lady pop-up galleries are a series of "DIY" art events that include visual art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations), films & short documentaries, music, dance, poetry, prose & zines, and more. These events were created by Sequoia O'Connell to create and hold space for Western Massachusetts artists, performers, & writers that are not often heard in the art world. The Blue Lady events fostered a community of artists & thinkers from different backgrounds, perspectives, and media to connect and share space.

The Blue Lady III was a two-night event that showcased work made by Queer &/or Women artists, writers, & performers. The show was put on at the 13 Queen arts collective in Northampton, MA in February 2016.  

The artists involved were as follows: 

Anastatia Spicer, Anya Klepacki, Aimee Paradis, Arianna Rose, Claire Sammut, Ellerie Ballard, Emilie Slater, Emma Petersky, Flannery Rollins, Flora Natalini, Greg McCarthy, Izy Coffey, Jena Duncan, Kristen Mounsey, Lauren Elliot, Maria Darrow, Ruby Jackson, Samson King, Savana Mazumer, Sarah Jane Young, Sequoia O'Connell, Stephanie Rose, & Talia Halpern