From left to right: Ko Kirk Yamahira, Taylor Hanigosky, Markel Uriu, Charlie Crowell

From left to right: Ko Kirk Yamahira, Taylor Hanigosky, Markel Uriu, Charlie Crowell

Pop-Up Show, November 3, 2018

Small Works by Markel Uriu, Ko Kirk Yamahira, Charlie Crowell, & Taylor Hanigosky

Performance by TUSK & Alex Mari / Tarot Readings w/ BBMagda Psychic Medium / Honey Pie & Prints by Emma Kates-Shaw

As we reach the heart of the Autumn season, we are directed to harvest what we’ve cultivated all spring and summer, as well as contend with the inevitable loss that is inherent to any growth. At this moment, in a time of continuous turmoil, we're especially reminded of how systems of power restrict evolution, silence survivors and marginalized voices, and continue erase cultural and spiritual practices in favor of power and control; we can see how this season has the potential to bring forth our shadow-selves, and regress inward.

The ongoing, strenuous, and sometimes impossible act of healing from such trauma is highlighted in the beautiful death and bounty of Fall. Therefore this show is meant to serve as a celebration, an offering, and a moment to breathe. As a continuation of  The Veil,  presented at Bridge Productions’ home space in Georgetown in July and August 2018, we intend to highlight a new small works by artists Ko Kirk Yamahira, Markel Uriu, Taylor Hanigosky, and Charlie Crowell. Joining them in the Harvest for a day of happenings are: BBMagda, providing mini-tarot readings; local tattoo artist, printmaker and secret cafe organizer Emma Kates-Shaw, presenting a sweet offering to her communities and loved ones; and performances by TUSK and Alex Mari. Artwork and readings will be available for sale at affordable prices, intended to offer greater approachability, helping break down the assumptions and challenges around art sales and access. 

This show is supported by Bridge Productions and resumes a series of special projects in partnership with other spaces, first launched in 2017 with Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. We wish to extend our express gratitude to Timothy Rysdyke for his generosity in collaborating with us at The Factory on Capitol Hill. We look forward to seeing you in a new/old neighborhood, and sharing our offerings with you! 

Sequoia Day O'Connell
October 2018